Net10 Ringtones

Please! Read through all the comments too before posting a question. Also–check your phone manual to see about downloading MP3s –sometimes it’s a phone issue. If your phone (Notably the Motorola W375 ) only allows mp3 downloads through the web browser, you can’t do it. Sorry.  And if your phone doesn’t have mms capabilities, you’re out of luck. Sorry again.

New possibly exciting news on the W375 front: A comment by our new hero, Rjay may have the solution to the Motorola W375 mp3 ringtone problem. I don’t have a Motorola W375 because I am way too cheap for that, but if you are not such a tightwad, please give this method a try and let us all know in the comments section how it works and I’ll update this post to include his instructions. Right now, I’m pretty hopeful!

Also: I was mistaken about the LG 1500, thinking it only accepted polyphonic ringtones. If they’re under a hundred KB, you can mms an mp3 file to your phone. You’ll have to shrink that puppy down though, and make sure you don’t have much else stored on the phone, there’s not a lot of memory.

Okay, on to the original post:

I got a new phone, new company. And I did not research my phone well enough–or the company. Everything went smoothly enough with the transition, number ported over, etc., although the wait was kind of long (not Net10’s fault, really). I’m happy with the price, I don’t want a contract, and the phone is nice enough. Nothing too fancy.

But I was quite annoyed to find that, although this is a web enabled phone, Net10 has the access blocked. Kind of a pisser. I was all set to upload my ringtones into the phone–and after paying for the web access, one minute standard deduction immediately, plus more as time ticked by–nothing. 404 forbidden error. Like I’m trying to hack into the Pentagon or something.

This is not advertised by Net10 by the way. They’ve got their own ringtones, and they charge 2 bucks each for them.

After two days–really, too much effort trying to solve this problem, and that obsessiveness is an issue I’m trying to deal with, but apparently not today– helped me figure a way around. Working through their site for a while, I found out that you can send anything you want to this phone– you just have to email it to yourself. Because multimedia messaging (mms) is unrestricted. Nice.

As is always the case, it’s quite easy, it’s just the getting there that’s so complicated. And it depends on the phone. Mine only takes polyphonic (midi files). There’s loads of those online, download away. Then email the file as an attachment to your phone via mms. From what I can figure, Net10 is piggybacking AT&T wireless, so first try (your 10 digit phone number) and see if you get the message. Then you’ll be able to open it, download for a mere 2.5 minutes (25 cents) and save it as a ringtone. (Pics work the same way.) If that address doesn’t work, and you don’t know the stuff after the @ symbol, send a multimedia message from your phone to your email address. Your email will display the From address with all that helpful information in it. Just hit reply, attach your mp3 or midi or jpg and you’re good to go.

So now I got my (melodic interpretations of) Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on the phone, and I must find something more productive to do for the rest of the day.

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  1. That works for multimedia enabled phones, but I have an LG200C that does not do MMS or web. I tried the at&t address, and the thing disappeared down a black hole. I tried it with a local address, and the email reached the phone, but I couldn’t install the ringtone. Any ideas?

  2. Thanks so much for this detailed description on how to get ringtones! I’ve been looking everywhere to find out how to get them to my stupid net10 phone. I’ll have to try this. That’s too bad that my phone only takes only polyphonic tones!

  3. I have a phone that can take mp3,can I send an mp3 file to my phone this way,and I thought Net10 was part of Verizon,wouldn’t they use their frequency.

  4. Hey Joey- As far as I know, the mp3 file will send through also. The principle is the same. I’m only polyphonic. Should work with any multimedia file. If you ever upgrade your phone, I’ll take the old one off your hands, free of charge. :-)
    Net10 can use a couple different carriers. Try the test text to your email message and you’ll know for sure.

    Let me know how it works.

    And yeah, Lauren… me too. But The Way I Am in a midi file is better than nothing. :-)

  5. I found out that you can send 3 midi at the same time. I did get 4 at one time, but the next time I tried that, it was “too big” to receive. Yeah, too bad they don’t tell you that before you waste the minutes. Also, I tried sending 1 midi and 1 small (70×70) jpg and it worked, so now I have a custom background. Quality looks like crap, but what can I say?

    LG15000 doesn’t accept mp3s.

    I used midi from the game Doom.

  6. Thank you! This was a huge help to me. Like you, I was trying to find decent ringtones for my Net10 phone. Emailing them works perfectly!

  7. Thanks for the tip, Doom– I’ve been hesitant to put more on because I’m budgeting my minutes–obviously since I’m not paying 70 bucks a month for a cell phone. Now I know I can get them on the three for one plan, that’s cool.

    I’m glad this was helpful, AJ. What made me so frustrated was that it was so freaking easy in the end!

  8. I found out that you can send a mp3 to the phone with this method. I tested a 6 second mp3 and saved it at 22050hz and a bitrate of 64.

    Can you send more than 6 seconds to the phone? I don’t know.

  9. One last comment:
    Make the mp3 22050hz and a bitrate of 32. The max file size is probably around 80k. The phone can only hold probably 2-3 tiny mp3s along with a few midis.

  10. So I tried this and the e-mail was sent to my phone, I opened it but it looks like theres nothing there….
    I have am LG300G if that makes a difference,
    can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  11. I don’t think that model offers multimedia messaging (MMS). If it’s only text messaging, then it won’t work. See if you have an option to send a multimedia message to one of your contacts; but I don’t think that you do.
    some models don’t have that feature. Sorry!

  12. Aw, I dont think I can.
    Oh well,
    Thanks anyways.

    Do you know if buying ringtones from… say mtv or something.. can they be sent to net10 phones? What phone company would you use?

  13. Hello…
    Just found your posts. I recently bought a motorola w375 from net10 and am experiencing their deceit. My phone accepts mp3’s but apparently not from anyone BUT net10! They will download from other sites(take my minutes)and play back but… I’m unable to SAVE the file. If you can’t save the file you can’t assign it as a ringtone.
    I tried emailing it to myself as you suggested and it worked except…get this…during downloading they (net10) DELETED the mp3 file that was attached to the email!! Very clever indeed.
    So my question is… since so much time has elapsed since your original post, have you learned of any new way around net10 blocking tactics.
    I wouldn’t mind paying for a few ringtones…but I’m ‘old school’ and net10 just doesn’t offer a large enough library of what I’m looking for. Thanks for your time. …Arlis

  14. Arlis, are you sure you sent it to yourself as an mms (multi-media) message? Because if you sent it as an SMS message, only the text would go through, the file wouldn’t. I just emailed myself a couple the other day…so as far as I can tell, net10 hasn’t stopped that ability.
    To make sure you have the right mms address to email yourself, try the system above, where you send yourself a multimedia message from your phone (use one of the pics, anything in your downloads) and then check to see where your email came from. Reply to that address with your mp3 files attached. Also, double check to make sure they’re not too long. Try a 20 second clip to be sure.

    That’s about all I can think of right now.

  15. Melanie… I used my phone # with the address from your orig. post ( and it worked just fine. First I sent just a text…then the mp3 file. As the file was downloading… a message appeared very briefly stating something to the effect of “some components of this message were deleted by mms filtering!” That’s not a quote because it didn’t stay on the screen long enough for me to memorize it…but it’s close. I sent the mp3 file as an ‘attachment’ to the email….maybe that makes a difference? The mp3 is only 27 sec. long and very small.
    I have no problem downloading ‘poly’s’ or ‘wallpaper’…just the mp3’s. I’ll try again and write down exactly what NET10’s message said. Thanks for your help and thanks for bein’ out there…. Arlis

  16. Any luck on how to download mp3s to Net10? I too have a w375 Motorola.

  17. I have a Nokia 1600 phone… Its a Net10 phone… ive done everything in my power to customize it the way i want… and i cant do shit… i really want a ringtone i like, a display i like, etc… If anyone can help me… Please let me know what to do. Thanks for ur time.

  18. That’s the same phone my son has, and you pretty much can’t customize it at all. All you can do is make yourself a ringtone with the ringtone composer… which is sort of lame and hard to do. Sorry, man, but you’ll have to get a different phone if you want those things. But I’d keep in mind that the phone itself appears to be indestructible. :-) So maybe just think of it as cheap minutes, sturdy phone, that I can talk to my friends on. ;-)

  19. Hi! I’m trying your suggestions, i.e. emailing a short(15-second)mp3 file to my w375 Motorola, and received the following message from my phone:
    “The part application/octet-stream; name=anna-ringtone2.mp3.aup; type=aup was removed from the message as not supported.”

    …am I doing something wrong, or is it really hopeless?

    Thanks much!

  20. Sounds like you have something wrong with your mp3–oh I see what it was. You saved that file with Audacity– the filename is “anna-ringtone2.mp3.aup”. “***.aup” means that’s an audacity project file, not an mp3 file. Open the ringtone up in audacity again, then choose file-export to save it as an mp3 file. Then try it again.

    I only know this because that’s the program i use to do music editing. ;-)
    Good luck!

  21. Haha…okay! That makes sense. ;) It’s what I get for trying to do things without my computer genius brother, I guess… :D thank you!

  22. melanieharvey I have a net10 phone too but different whatever I use doesn’t work I don’t have internet ether. the mms thing didn
    ‘t work for me though. I am as hopeless I just read this and well don’t know anything about what this phone can do sigh.

  23. I have a LG600G and I send the ringtone and receive everything alright, but my problem is it won’t play when I try to listen to it.

  24. Woe, girl! Just when I thought I’d NEVER have custom ringtones, you proved me wrong!!! I followed the directions, and “Badda Bing, Badda Bang…” it actually WORKED!!! Now I have all the ringtones I need, and am working on tones for “Text Messaging/voice mail, etc!!!

    And it only took about .25 cents worth out of my minutes, VS downloading from NET10 (which you cannot even “test” the ringtones from them before purchasing!)

    So, THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!! You’re pure genius!

  25. Oh, and I forgot to mention the phone type that I’m using… a Net10 V176 (Motorola).

    Yet, I have my eye on a Net10 W375- but in reading reviews it may not be the idea phone! Though its stylish, and a flip-top, I’ve heard that it has less memory than the competitor phones out there. And that downloaded ringtones are cut SHORT. Plus, the texting is S-L-O-W!!

    Any comments/corrections on the W375?

  26. I’m really sorry for adding so many additions, but I never think of everything when I’m TYPING…..

    The downside to the V176 is that not only is it lacking the standard CALENDAR FEATURE(where one can pre-set future appointments, etc) but it also doesnt display the actual NAME of the person calling in. Yet, I clearly added/linked everyone’s names to their phonebook entries. But it will only display their NUMBERS when they call!

    And, naturally, it does the same freakin’ thing when I DIAL OUT a number (physically keying in number). Only the NUMBER will show up, not the actual NAME! Any suggestions, or maybe I have an inferior phone? THANKS AGAIN!!!

    Whats up with that??!!

  27. i’m having a problem downloading midi files

    after i get it sent to my mms stuff i open it and download it. it starts to download but all of a sudden it just stops and i don’t get a conformation message for it being complete. then when i check back in my messages and it still says that it’s unopened.
    i’ve tried several times and i’ve wasted alot of minutes trying to get this to work.
    i’ve done this the exact same way with pictures and all of those seem to work so i don’t understand.

    and also, the file size isn’t even that big, it’s only a 9kb 40 sec song and it plays the song when i added it to the website.

    can anyone help me with this situation? i really want new ringtones…

  28. death (?!)–

    this is just a guess, mind you: You may be trying to download mp3 tones and your phone may only play polyphonic tones. (Polyphonic is cell phone manufacturer code for: NOT mp3s, sorry about your luck.)

    Try messaging yourself a midi tone– you can get a bunch at– and see if that works.

    Again, it’s just a guess.

  29. I have a Motorola W375. I had to create an MP3 less than 100 kb. When my phone opens the message, however, it says the file is corrupted. I have gotten the same result multiple times.

    Any ideas?

  30. Hey Matt. I’m betting this is the problem:
    Note: You can download MP3
    ringtones via the Browser only.

    I found this in your phone’s online manual through the net10 website. I’m guessing this is a phone feature, and since Net10 phone’s have the browser mostly disabled, you’re sol. At least on the mp3s.

    Try a midi file, see what happens there.

  31. hey i have a lg1500 i have multimedia i tried sending it to my phone and i got a message back.i dont know where to get free ringtones to try to emailing them to my phone . thanks ,

  32. “death (?!)–

    this is just a guess, mind you: You may be trying to download mp3 tones and your phone may only play polyphonic tones. (Polyphonic is cell phone manufacturer code for: NOT mp3s, sorry about your luck.)

    Try messaging yourself a midi tone– you can get a bunch at– and see if that works.

    Again, it’s just a guess.”

    i have been trying to upload midis, not mp3s.
    even on the crostel website i could preview the song before i sent it and it sounded just fine.
    also i have an lg1500 if that makes any difference.

  33. I can get midi’s just fine. But the instruction manual for the phone (again, Motorola W375) says that it supports mp3s. I wonder if it is a problem with bit rate I am using, or something like that.

    Anybody reading this: What are the specs of the mp3s you are using? Anyone else with a motorola w375?

  34. Matt (and everyone else with that W375)–It’s the way the Motorola W375 works. The manual says that mp3s can only be downloaded via the browser; as we know, Net10 won’t let you use the browser except to get to their stuff.

    That’s the downside to the service. See here all of us are being as cheap as we can be, using this service, but we kind of want it all too. :-)

    Death- I’m looking into this. That’s my phone too.

  35. Hey

    Your idea worked..well halfway.

    I got it on my phone as a file or whatever..i don’t know what it is im kinda new to this, now how do i get it to a ringtone?

    Right now it’s under my stuff under other files and i have the option to send it, delete, and yeah pretty much it.

    It says its 176kb, only a 38 second ringtone i think.

    I have a LG600G if that makes a difference?

  36. LG600G will only take the following ringtone files:

    .mid files
    .amr files

    It will NOT take:

    .mp3 files

  37. my son has a net 10 phone, it is just the Nokia 1600, do you know if there is any way to get ring tones on that style??

  38. Hey I have a W375 and I was wondering is there a size limit to the ringtone? because my mp3 is about a minute long and it isn’t downloading.

  39. Hey Jim– The W375 only allows ringtones downloaded through the web. Net10 disallows access to the web, so you’re out of luck.


  40. melanieharvey-

    I have the W375 and your post has been super helpful, I have successfuly sent 2 midi ringtones via your MMS directions. So thank you. My question is, how do I save those texted ringtones to my phone so that I can browse to them and actually use them as my ringtone? It has been a while since your last post so hopefully you will reply (or anyone else who know the answer).

  41. I got a Net10 LG400G and it only has

    Is it possible for me to even get a ringtone?

  42. Hello Jess,

    I also tried Mels method, shout out & thx for her help. Try saving the mms as a ringtone by first going to the message inbox, and selecting the email with the sound file, then click READ. The file will open and begin playing. click STOP and then the main menu button in the middle of your navigation wheel. Scan down the message menu till you come to save content then SELECT and STORE. The file is stored in MULTIMEDIA,which can be accessed from THE MAIN menu. From there go to SOUNDS, then ADDT. STORAGE DEVICE, where you should find the saved tone. SELECT it and choose SAVE AS RING TONE option.

  43. Rjay, I think you just became my hero.

    As soon as anyone else tries this with the Motorola W375, please let me know ASAP so we can put Rjay’s fabulous method front and center on the blog entry.

    Also, dude– thanks for my first shout out. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

  44. rjay again,

    Forgot to say that my post is in ref to the moto w375. Hope you take no offense in my rather simplified explanation. For the record, I’m not as tech savy as some and tend to explained in the same manner I need to have things explained to me.

  45. I used my amazing powers of deduction when you addressed your post to Jess, who was asking about the w375. Personally, the more first do this then do that instructions, the better. I’m hoping to hear from some other folks who have success with this!

  46. I have been looking all over for this!
    I just sent the mms to my email and replied and it worked – however how do I see the attachment? I see the paperclip in the icon but no menus allow me to view the jpg I sent over for wallpaper. PLEASE HELP.

  47. Type your voicemail number into google (the same number that appears in your history after dialing ‘1’ to access voicemail). That will usually tell you what’s the ‘home’ network of your net10 or tracfone. If you still can’t figure it out, type the number into

    It takes trial and error to figure out your net10 phones mms/sms address.

  48. Sasha_DarkCloud

    I have a pretty interesting error on my LG600 G. It won’t use amr files as ringtones anymore.

    When I first got the phone, my boyfriend made me a ringtone using the voice recorder. And for a long while, it worked. All the sudden, now it gives me the default ring one when ever my phone rings. So, I tried to select the midi ringtone and it will change midi ringtones fine. The minute I pick an amr file, it goes back to Ring 1 but says the amr is set.

    Please tell me what I can do to fix this.

  49. For what it is worth, I skimmed this whole post. I have Net10, I also have a LG600G with Bluetooth. Net10 sucks at telling the customer that their web browser is limited to NET10’s site! I refuse to pay more money for a service listed as “web enabled”. So I found ways to make my phone do what I want for about 15 minutes worth of downloads and under $20.

    The easiest way I found to get a ringtone for free is to grab the song, trim it, and convert it myself. Here’s what you will need:

    1. A song as an MP3.
    2. A sound editor program.
    3. A sound file convertor.
    4. Bluetooth enabled laptop or bluetooth device sold at Walmart in the USA for under $20.

    First, pick a song and use a sound editor program to trim the file.
    Next, run the trimmed sound through the converter.
    Now, using the Bluetooth program and hardware upload it to your phone.

    NOTE: A midi is play ready and will just need to be sent to the audio file on the phone, no need to convert. .AMR files are licensed through RealMedia players, so they claim the codec for it. BUT, look around and you will find a (any sound file) to .amr converter for FREE!

    I know I am being brief, but to list all the different methods would take a page here. I can usually make and use a ringtone from MP3 in about 5 minutes or less. I have only used the LG600G so far, everything else SHOULD work fairly the same, but I can’t speak for older models or non LG models. Any questions? Email me for a few options. Thanks!

    PS. Sasha_DarkCloud try deleting the offending non playing .amr Next try what I suggested here. It should work fine. HailDarkLord(remove_this)@yahoo .com is where I can be reached or on my show at

  50. Well, using the “” route actually worked in sending myself polyphonic ringtones to two of my Net10 phones. But not with my new Samsung t201g phone! I guess this one doesnt support multi media or something. I would not have bought it had I known that.

    I will either send this one back or sell it. And keep using my OTHER two Net10 phones that ARE customizable in this way! So if you are not able to successfully send yourself ringtones, your phone likely doesnt support MMS/Multimedia. The two Net10 phones I have that DO are the Motorola W375g (my favorite, though texting is slooooow)- and the V176

    Also, if you have ATT for your Net10 carrier, you could try: (your 10 digit number)

    For Cingular: (your 10 digit #)
    For Spring/-TMobile: (” “)

  51. Melanie- you said the Motorola w375 can only take downloads from the Net10 website. Well, I have that phone and have sent SEVERAL ringtones (and graphics) to myself using the address and sometimes Sometimes Net10 uses Sprint in some areas, so one can also try: (your 10 digit #) HOPE THIS HELPS! But not all Net10 phones will do this, just the ones that have Multimedia capability. But I do not know how much longer it will work though.

  52. getting them to phone converter to get to save to ring can open text play song/ringtone but wont work as application to ring…grrrr
    MMS/Multimedia supported..gotta go to the master for lame..ethnically engrossed ringtones

  53. Guys I just got my moto w375 and Ive tried all the tips here but I cant get any to work.I ve tried to send an email form my phone to my pc and them Ive tried to email my phone and nothing happens I guess they mused have shut things down.I guess Ill have to get used to the thing that came with the phone or go back to my old phone.Thanks for all the info

  54. thanks girlfriend, worked for me!

  55. They may “have” disabled that feature at Net10 or ATT. I havent tried to send ringtones since prob. last Spring (’09), cause i have Verizon now.

    But when it ‘does’ (or ‘did’) work, I successfully sent ringtones from certain websites.. phone wont take LONG ringtones either way. Sorry, forgot the website(s) I used, but it was those cheesy polyphonic ringtones anyhow- not the nice ones. But these did turn out pretty good for polyphonic… I got theme songs from: Hawaii 5-0, Twilight Zone, Beverly Hillbillies, and a few other kool ones.

    Actually they didnt even sound as good on my Verizon as the Net10 phones. Guess Verizon dont take polyphonics, lol. Oh, they also worked on the blue color Net10 phone as WELL as my w375

  56. I loved reading your blog and I found it very interesting. I m really impressed with your work. I loved your idea about the whole thing. I am happy I went through your blog. It has helped me a lot.

  57. I are searching for this all through. Atlast i found it below. thank u for sharing this with us. hold it up.

  58. phone number @( worked for me i have net10 LG 300G

  59. If only more people could read this..

  60. Doesn’t seem to work with the LG600g models that Net10 has out. The phone supposedly supports .AMR files, but whenever they are send and downloaded to the phone they show up as .QCP files, to which the phone goes “I don’t know what kind of file this is”.

  61. Maybe the top page I read in my life :D

    Kind regards

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